Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I pay for a standard? The payment options are not visible?

You can pay for your order with a credit card (MasterCard, Visa,) or by Mpesa. Click on your preferred payment option and then follow the instructions provided and checkout. It can take a few minutes for the payment page to load once you check out

 2. How do I download my standards?

Once you have made payment and received an order confirmation, the standard can be downloaded from your online account. You will find the document under the "downloads" tab, where you can download it to your device.

 3. My order is pending, what do I do?

Sometime the order status can be pending if you did not accept the ‘terms and conditions’ before clicking ‘Complete’ button. It can also be pending if the payment has not been done i.e. incomplete purchasing process.

 4. Can I purchase a standard for someone else to use?

Kenya standards in PDF format come with a single user license. When you purchase a standard from the KEBS Webstore, the standard will be watermarked with your name, which means that you only have the right to use this standard

 5. I am not sure if my order has gone through

After placing an order, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail. It can take a maximum of 5 minutes before the standard is ready for download

 6. I have made payment but the download is not available yet on my account

This means that the system has not finished reconciliation of the payment with the standard so purchased.

If the payment has been effected, please send an email immediately to and your download will be activated manually.

7. I have been charged twice for my order, how do I get a refund?

This could inadvertently happen if you click the payment button twice. If this happen, please send an email immediately to and include all the payment details. The refund will be effected after confirmation of double receipt of funds for the same item.

8. How can I make payment through bank transfer?

A new subscription service has been launched where you can subscribe bulk standards in sectors such as Engineering, Chemical, and Textile etc. If require this service, please send an email immediately to and instructions will be sent to you on bank transfer payment mode.


9. Which Search criteria do I use?

Search for a desired Kenya standard by use of available space for searching. You can search by standard number (e.g. KS 459) or by product name or by a phrase. It will return a list of search results where you can select the standard(s) addressing your requirement.

 10. How do I register an Account?

After visiting - you will register by clicking ‘My account’ and then ‘Register’. The detail you give will be used by the system to watermark your downloaded standards

11. What standards type are Kenya standards?

This webstore has Kenya standards made up of local and adopted international standards. These are KS standards, KS EAS, KS ISO, KS IEC, KS CODEX, KS OIML, etc.

 12. Can I download a withdrawn standard?

Withdrawn standards are not available for sales through the webstore. However if you require one, please send an email immediately to and the standard will be availed after receipt of payment.

 13. What minimum number of standards that qualify for subscription?

One can select any number of standards to subscribe. However, the discounts will only apply when a minimum of 20 standards are subscribed.

14. What are benefits of subscription versus one-off purchase?

The benefits of subscription service are:

  • You will freely access and download any new standards added into the stock within the subscription period at no extra cost
  • The cost is heavily subsidized at a flat rate
  • You will receive a free bulletin of a list of new Kenya standards developed and approved at no cost.

 15. Can I request for a Proforma invoice?

Yes. If you do not wish to purchase standards using online platform, you can request for a proforma invoice from us and pay your order by bank check/transfer. Please send an email to for this request.