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KS EAS 183:2000

Cement - Definitions and terminology.

Gives the general definitions applicable to cement (hydraulic binders), as well as the particular definitions pertaining to each type of cement..

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KS EAS 148-7: 2017

Cement - Test methods Part 7:Methods of taking and preparing samples.

Describes the equipment to be used, the methods to be followed and the provisions to be complied with for taking samples of cement representative of given lots for testing to assess the quality of products prior to, during or after delivery...

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KS EAS 148-2:2017

Cement -Test method Part 2:Chemical analysis.

Specifies the methods for the chemical analysis of cement...

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KS EAS 148-3:2017

Cement-Test methods Part 3:Determination of setting times and soundness.

Specifies the methods for determining standard consistence, setting times and soundness of cements...

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KS EAS 148-4:2017

Cement-Test methods Part 4:Quantitative determination of constituents.

Describes the procedures for determining the contents of the most of the constituents of cements that fall within the scope of EAS 18-1...

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KS EAS 148-5: 2017

Cement-Test methods Part 5:Pozzolanicity test for pozzolanic cements.

Specifies the method of measuring the pozzolanicity of pozzolanic cements conforming to FDEAS 18-1...

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KS EAS 148-6: 2017

Cement-Test methods Part 6:Determination of fineness.

Describes three methods for determining the fineness of cement and applies to all the cements defined in EAS 18-1...

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KS EAS 148-8:2017

Cement-Test methods Part 8:Heat of hydration-Solution method.

Applicable to cements and hydraulic binders whatever their chemical composition...

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KS EAS 148-1:2017

Cement-Test methods-Part 1:Determination of strength.

Describes the method for the determination of the compressive and, optionally, the flexural strength of cement mortar...

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KS 659:1986

Classification and measurement of plywood panels and test pieces.

Specifies classification of plywood panels and the procedures for measuring the thickness, length and width of the panels and their pieces..

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