KS 1941-3:2018

Scouring compounds for utensil cleaning-Specification-Part 3:Dishwashing bar.

Specifies the requirements and methods of test for dishwashing bar...

Kes 2,318.40

KS 1100:2010

Scouring pads -Specification

Specifies requirements for scouring pads for household cleaning..

Kes 1,738.80

KS EAS 294:2001

Scouring powder - Specification.

Specifies requirements and methods of test for synthetic household detergent scouring powder for the removal of tenacious soil from hard surfaces and kitchen utensils..

Kes 2,318.40

KS 590:2016

Screw thread finish glass bottles - Specification.

Prescribes the requirements for screw-thread finish glass bottles used for liquors, wines and other similar products...

Kes 2,318.40

KS ISO 10962:2019

Securities and related financial instruments - Classification of financial instruments (CFI) code

Defines and describes codes for an internationally valid system to classify financial instruments...

Kes 5,589.00

KS ISO 10383:2012

Securities and related financial instruments-Codes for exchanges and market identification (MIC).

Specifies a universal method of identifying exchanges, trading platforms, regulated or non-regulated markets and trade reporting facilities as sources of prices and related information in order to facilitate automated processing...

Kes 1,987.20

KS ISO 18774:2015

Securities and related financial instruments-Financial Instrument Short Name (FISN).

Defines and describes rules for an internationally valid system for building short names of any kind of financial instrument within a defined structure...

Kes 2,546.10

KS ISO 22300:2018

Security and resilience-Vocabulary.

Defines terms used in security and resilience standards...

Kes 3,105.00

KS ISO 29862: 2007

Self adhesive tapes Determination of peel adhesion properties

Specifies a series of methods for the determination of peel adhesion properties of self adhesive tapes...

Kes 2,546.10

KS EAS 86:2017

Sesame (simsim) oil for cosmetic industry-Specification.

Specifies the requirements, sampling and test methods for sesame oil for cosmetic industry...

Kes 1,738.80

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