KS ISO 9169:2006

Air quality - Definition and determination of performance characteristics of an automatic measuring system.

Provides definitions and specifies methods to determine performance characteristics of an identified automatic air quality measuring system..

Kes 2,980.80

KS ISO 4219:1979

Air quality - Determination of gaseous sulphur compounds in ambient air - Sampling equipment.

Specifies general requirements for the equipment for the sampling of ambient air in order to determine gaseous sulphur compounds, particularly sulphur dioxide..

Kes 1,738.80

KS ISO 13964:1998

Air quality - Determination of ozone in ambient air - Ultraviolet photometric method.

Specifies an ultraviolet (UV) photometric method for the determination of ozone in ambient air..

Kes 2,546.10

KS ISO 8672:1999

Air quality - Determination of the number concentration of airborne inorganic fibres by phase contrast optical microscopy - Membrane filter method.

Specifies the determination of the number concentration of airborne inorganic fibres by phase contrast optical microscopy using the membrane filter method in workplace atmospheres..

Kes 2,898.00

KS ISO 11222:2002

Air quality - Determination of the uncertainty of the time average of air quality measurements.

Provides a method for the quantification of the uncertainty of a time average of a set of air quality data obtained at a specified location over a defined averaging time period..

Kes 2,763.45

KS ISO 14965:2000

Air quality - Determination of total non-methane organic compounds - Cryogenic preconcentration and direct flame ionization detection method.

Describes a procedure for sampling and determining concentrations of total non-methane volatile organic compounds (NMVOC) in the ambient atmosphere..

Kes 2,763.45

KS ISO 14956:2002

Air quality - Evaluation of the suitability of a measurement procedure by comparison with a required measurement uncertainty.

Specifies the estimation, assessment and evaluation of measurement uncertainty from actual or claimed values of all important performance characteristics of a method under stationary conditionfield of air quality measurement procedures..

Kes 2,898.00

KS ISO 7168-1:1999

Air quality - Exchange of data - Part 1: General data format.

Specifies a general format for the exchange of air quality data and related information..

Kes 4,719.60

KS ISO 7168-2:1999

Air quality - Exchange of data - Part 2: Condensed data format.

Specifies a condensed data format for presentation of air quality data..

Kes 2,763.45

KS ISO 4226:1993

Air quality - General aspects - Units of measurement.

Lays down the units and symbols to be used when reporting results of air quality measurements for general guidance on the International Systems of Units, reference should be made to KS ISO 1000..

Kes 1,490.40

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