KS ISO 4225:1994

Air quality - General aspects - Vocabulary.

Explains the meanings in English and French, of a selection of terms commonly used in connection with the sampling and measurement of gases, vapours and particles for the determination of air quality..

Kes 2,442.60

KS ISO 20988:2007

Air quality - Guidelines for estimating measurement uncertainty.

Provides comprehensive guidance and specific statistical procedures for uncertainty estimation in air quality measurements including measurements of ambient air, stationary source emissions, indoor air, workplace atmospheres and meteorology..

Kes 5,961.60

KS ISO 8756:1994

Air quality - Handling of temperature, pressure and humidity data.

Describes procedures for adjusting air quality measurements for changes in temperature, pressure and humidity during the sampling period..

Kes 1,738.80

KS ISO 7708:1995

Air quality - Partide size fraction definitions for health-related sampling.

Defines sampling conventions for particle size fractions for use in assessing possible health effects of airborne particles in the workplace and ambient environment..

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KS ISO 6879:1983

Air quality - Performance characteristics and related concepts for air quality measuring methods.

Establishes glossary of the most important performance characteristics of air quality measuring methods involving gaseous and particulate matter..

Kes 1,738.80

KS ISO 9359:1989

Air quality - Stratified sampling method for assessment of ambient air quality.

Specifies a method for assessment of certain aspect of ambient air quality in terms of percentiles and means using the principle of stratified sampling..

Kes 2,442.60

KS EAS 750:2010

Air quality-Emissions to the air by cement factories guidelines

Lists the commonly encountered pollutants in cement factories...

Kes 2,318.40

KS EAS 751:2010

Air quality-Specification

Gives permissible limits of some commonsubstances found in polluted air,namely sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide,particulate matter,oxides of nitrogen, hydrocarbons, and lead...

Kes 2,318.40

KS EAS 752:2010

Air quality-Tolerance limits of emissions discharged to the air by factories

Prescribes the tolerance limits of inactive dust, oxides of nitrogen and sulfur dioxide emissions from factories into the air. ..

Kes 1,490.40

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