Civil Engineering

KS 2281:2011

Plywood and composite board - Specification

Covers requirements for materials, construction, preservative treament, dimensions and performance of plywood and composite board..

Kes 2,884.00

KS 829:2020

Precast concrete channels, edgings and quadrants - Specification

Specifies requirements for the following precast concrete products, wet pressed and semi-dry flags, kerbs, channels, referred to as a product or products in this standard, are intended for use in the construction of carriageways and footways laid in ..

Kes 2,533.00

KS 2978:2023

Precast concrete products - Floor plate with lattice girders - Specification

Specifies the requirements, test method, the basic performance criteria for precast floor plates made of reinforced normal weight concrete, used in conjunction with cast-in-situ concrete (topping) for the construction of composite floor slabs. ..

Kes 4,449.00

KS 2979:2023

Precast concrete products - Hollow core slabs - Specification

Specifies the requirements and test methods for precast hollow core slabs made of prestressed or reinforced normal weight concrete...

Kes 4,696.00

KS 2932:2021

Precast concrete waffle units - Requirements

Defines and pecifies requirements for concrete waffle..

Kes 2,430.00

KS ISO 1927:1984

Prepared unshaped refractory materials (dense and insulating) - Classification.

Establishes the definition, classification and designation of prepared unshaped refractory materials..

Kes 2,307.00

KS 2855:2019

Preservation of bamboo for non-structural purpose-Code of practice.

Covers the types of preservatives and methods of treatment of bamboo, used both indoor and outdoor for non-structural purpose...

Kes 2,430.00

KS 2856:2019

Preservation of bamboo for structural purpose-Code of practice.

Covers types of preservatives and treatment procedures of bamboo used for structural purpose like post, scaffoldings, house buildings, walls, trusses, etc...

Kes 2,307.00

KS 94:2020

Preservation of timber - Specification

Specifies requirements for preservative treatment of timbers. The preservatives, safe methods of application and chemical balance average retention levels have all been specified with the object of achieving long service life..

Kes 2,533.00

KS 761:2010

Pressed steel tanks - Specification (Second Edition).

Specifies requirements for materials, fabrication, erection and supply of pressed steel tanks for the storage of cold and hot water and certain other liquids, under a pressure not greater than the static head corresponding to the depth of the tank..

Kes 2,647.00

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