KS 1884-5:2009

Accessories for use in antenna installations - Specification - Part 5: Low noise block convertors.

Specifies the mechanical and electrical requirements for low noise block converters used for frequency conversion and transfer of a frequency band in the microwave range (10 GHz to 13 GHz) to a lower frequency band (950 MHz to 2 050 MHz)..

Kes 2,442.60

KS ISO 19160-1:2015

Addressing - Part 1: Conceptual model

Defines a conceptual model for address information (address model), together with the terms and definitions that describe the concepts in the model..

Kes 4,968.00

KS ISO 19160-4:2017

Addressing-Part 4:International postal address components and template language

Defines key terms for postal addressing, postal address components and constraints on their use..

Kes 5,092.20

KS 2704:2017

Aerial bundled conductor accessories - Specification.

Specification is for accessories for low voltage overhead power lines using Aerial Bundled Conductors (ABC). The lines are constructed on wooden and round concrete poles...

Kes 2,763.45

KS 2650:2016

Aerial bundled conductor systems - Specification.

Covers cores consisting of stranded conductors that are insulated with crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE) and that are intended for use in aerial bundled conductor (ABC) systems for overhead single-phase and three-phase electricity distribution operat..

Kes 4,595.40

KS IEC 60952-1:2004

Aircraft batteries - Part 1: General test requirements and performance levels.

Defines test procedures for the evaluation, comparison and qualification of batteries and states minimum environmental performance levels for airworthiness...

Kes 6,210.00

KS IEC 60952-2:2004

Aircraft batteries - Part 2: Design and construction requirements.

Defines the physical design, construction and material requirements for nickel-cadmium and lead-acid aircraft batteries containing vented or valve-regulated cells or monoblocs...

Kes 5,247.45

KS IEC 60952-3:2004

Aircraft batteries - Part 3: Product specification and declaration of design and performance (DDP).

Defines requirements for the product specification as well as procedures for a Declaration of Design and Performance (DDP) for nickel-cadmium and lead-acid aircraft batteries containing vented or valve-regulated cells or monoblocs...

Kes 2,980.80

KS 1722-2:2001

Alarm systems - Social alarm system - Part 2: Trigger devices.

Specifies requirements and tests for manually-activated trigger devices forming part of a social alarm system..

Kes 2,898.00

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