KS IEC 60445:2021

Basic and safety principles for manmachine interface, marking and identification - Identification of equipment terminals, conductor terminations and conductors

Applies to the identification and marking of terminals of electrical equipment such as resistors, fuses, relays, contactors, transformers, rotating machines and, wherever applicable, to combinations of such equipment (e.g. assemblies), and also app..

Kes 4,820.00

KS 1620:2021

Bathroom slippers - Specification

Specifies the requirements and methods of test for bathroom slippers, sole made of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA)...

Kes 2,533.00

KS 1709-4:2009

Batteries for use in photovoltaic power systems - Specification Part 4: Recommended practice for sizing lead acid baterries for for photovoltaic (PV) systems.

Describes a method for sizing both vented and valve-regulated lead-acid batteries in photovoltaic (PV) systems..

Kes 4,449.00

KS IEC 61184:2019

Bayonet lamp holders

Applies to bayonet lampholders B15d and B22d for connection of lamps and semi-luminaires to a supply voltage of 250 V..

Kes 8,075.00

KS 2584: 2015

Biogas - Glossary, abbreviations and fundamental principles.

Specifies terms and abbreviations used in the context of biogas technology. The standard also gives an overview of fundamental principles of biogas technology...

Kes 3,090.00

KS 2951:2022

Biogas systems - Code of practice for farm and industrial scale biogas systems

Gives guidance on planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of farm scale and industrial scale anaerobic biogas systems...

Kes 5,809.00


Biometrics interoperability profiles - Best practices for slap tenprint captures.

Gives guidelines to follow during the acquisition process of slap tenprints in order to obtain fingerprints with the best quality possible within acceptable time constraints...

Kes 2,647.00

KS IEC 60670-1: 2015

Boxes and enclosures for electrical accessories for household and similar fixed electrical installations Part 1: General requirements.

Applies to boxes, enclosures and parts of enclosures (hereafter called boxes and enclosures) for electrical accessories with a rated voltage not exceeding 1 000 V a.c. and 1 500 V d.c. intended for household or similar fixed electrical installation..

Kes 8,075.00

KS IEC 60670-23:2016

Boxes and enclosures for electrical accessories for household and similar fixed electrical installations- Part 23: Particular requirements for floor boxes and enclosure

Boxes and enclosures intended to be installed in any kind of floor, and to protect accessories against load..

Kes 2,750.00

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