KS IEC 60728-5:2007

Cable networks for television signals,sound signals and interactive services Part 5:Headend equipment

Defines the characteristics of eqipment used in the headends of terrestrial broadcast and satellite receiving systems...

Kes 6,210.00

KS IEC 62104

Characteristics of DAB receivers

describes the digital audio broadcasting (DAB) receiver characteristics for consumer equipment intended for terrestrial and cable reception operating in band III and L-band and for satellite reception in L-band...

Kes 5,247.45

KS 1110:1991

Classification of electrical and electronic equipment with regard to protection against electric shock.

Describes a classification, with definitions for means of protection against electric shock in the event of failure of the insulation..

Kes 1,987.20

KS IEC 61039: 2008

Classification of insulating liquids.

Establishes the detailed classification of the N family (insulating liquids) that belongs to class L (lubricants, industrial oils and related products) in accordance with ISO 8681 and ISO 6743-99, affecting product categories that include products ..

Kes 2,898.00

KS 2109:2009

Closed circuit television (CCTV) - Management and operation - Code of practice.

Gives recommendations for the operation and management of CCTV within a controlled environment, where data that may be offered as evidence is received, stored, reviewed or analysed..

Kes 2,763.45

KS 1723:2001

Code of practice for documentation for social alarm system.

Provides recommendations on the documentation accompanying local units supplied with social alarm systems and intended to provide the end user with information on the unit and its associated components, and on their installation, operation and mainte..

Kes 1,987.20

KS 502-4:1985

Code of practice for emergency lighting of premises.

Applies to the code of practice for emergency lighting in premises other than cinemas and domestic premises..

Kes 2,546.10

KS 503-1:1993

Code of practice for protection of structures against lightning (Second Edition).

Gives requirements on the design of system for the protection of structures against lightning and on the selection of materials. Requirements are given for special cases such as explosives stores and temporary structures e.g. cranes and spectator st..

Kes 7,576.20

KS EAS 811-1:2014

Code of Practice for safety of electrical installations-Part 1:General.

Specifies the terms and definitions, symbols and methods of earthing of electrical supply, communication facilities and associated equipment...

Kes 2,980.80

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