Mechanical Engineering

KS 249:2020

Automobile drum brake linings and disc brake pads - Specification

Specifies requirements and test methods for moulded automobile drum brake linings and disc brake pads. The standard also gives tests for brake lining friction materials to determine mechanical characteristics..

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KS 649-2:2020

Automobile windscreens - Specification Part 2: Laminated automobile windscreens

Specifies requirements for laminated automobile windscreen made of float glass..

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KS ISO 20826:2006

Automotive LPG components- containers

Specifies the technical requirements for the design and the testing of automotive liquidfied petroleum gas (LPG)..

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KS ISO 8936:2017

Awnings for leisure accommodation vehicles - Requirements and test methods.

Specifies requirements and test methods for awnings for leisure accommodation vehicles..

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KS ISO 22157:2019

Bamboo structures-Determination of physical and mechanical properties of bamboo culms-Test methods

Specifies test procedures for specimens obtained from round bamboo culms..

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KS ISO 3002-4:1984

Basic quantities in cutting and grinding - Part 4 : Forces, energy, power.

Defines a nomenclature for certain basic concepts concerning the machining and grinding of materials..

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KS ISO 3002-5:1989

Basic quantities in cutting and grinding - Part 5 : Basic terminology for grinding processes using grinding wheels.

Applies the basic terminology specifically to grinding operations and to define additional quantities specific to grinding..

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KS ISO 13064-1:2012

Battery-electric mopeds and motorcycles-Performance-Part 1:Reference energy consumption and range.

Specifies test procedures for measuring the reference energy consumption and reference range of electric motorcycles and mopeds with only a traction battery(ies) as power source for vehicle propulsion...

Kes 7,786.00

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