KS ISO 24510:2007

Activities relating to drinking water and waste water services - Guidelines for the assessment and for the improvement of the service to users

Specifies the elements of drinking water and wastewater services of relevance and interest to users. It also provides guidance on how to identify users needs and expectations and how to assess whether they are being met...

Kes 5,092.20

KS ISO 14090:2019

Adaptation to climate change - Principles, requirements and guidelines

Specifies principles, requirements and guidelines for adaptation to climate change. This includes the integration of adaptation within or across organizations, understanding impacts and uncertainties and how these can be used to inform decisions..

Kes 2,980.80

KS 2444-2: 2015

Administrative sub-division codes Part 2: Two-letter county codes.

Specifies the two-letter codes for representation of counties in Kenya...

Kes 1,738.80

KS 2444-1:2013

Administrative sub-division codes Part 1: County codes

Establishes universally acceptable codes that present the names of counties in kenya..

Kes 1,490.40

KS ISO 21103:2014

Adventure tourism Information for participants

specifies minimum requirements for information to be provided to participants before, during and after adventure tourism activities...

Kes 1,987.20

KS ISO 21101:2014

Adventure tourism safety management systems Requirements

outlines the requirements of a safety management system for adventure tourism activity providers...

Kes 2,763.45

KS ISO/TR 21102:2013

Adventure tourism-Leaders - Personnel competence

Indicates what the market normally considers as desisrable competencies and the related expected results of competencies for adventure tourism activity leaders common to any adventure tourism activity...

Kes 2,318.40

KS ARS 955:2016

African Traditional Medicine-Technical guidelines for safety, efficacy and quality of raw materials and herbal medicines.

Provides technical guidelines to assure the safety, efficacy and quality of herbal raw materials and herbal medicines...

Kes 2,659.95

KS ARS 950:2016

African Traditional Medicine-Terms and terminology.

Provides the various terminologies on African medicinal plants, related herbal products as well as common terms on diseases and aims to ensure the safety, efficacy and quality of herbal medicinal products for human consumption...

Kes 2,442.60

KS 2608: 2015

Agritourism - Health and safety guidelines.

Provides useful recommendations for protecting the health and safety of the public visiting farms involved in agritourism...

Kes 2,318.40

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