Textile and Leather

Textile and Leather

KS 836-1:1991

Classification and terminology of stitches and seams - Part 1: Types.

Classifies, designates, describes and illustrates the various kinds of stitch types used in hand and machine-sewn seams..

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KS 836-2:1993

Classification and Terminology of stitches and seams - Part 2: Seam types.

Classifies, illustrates and designates the various kinds of most commonly used stitched seams..

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KS ISO 8232:1988

Closed-circuit dry-cleaning machines - Defining and checking of machine characteristics.

Specifies a closed-circuit dry-cleaning machine, and methods of checking solvent consumption, efficiency of solvent recovery during drying and solvent concentrations in the atmosphere surrounding the closed-circuit dry-cleaning machine..

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KS ISO 18163:2016

Clothing - Digital fittings - Vocabulary and terminology used for the virtual garment

Defines the terms that are commonly used for the digital fitting system. The digital fitting system includes virtual fabric, virtual fabric properties, virtual garment pattern, virtual garment pattern properties, virtual sewing line, virtual garmen..

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KS ISO 11612:2015

Clothing for protection against heat and flame - Test methods and performance requirements for heat-protective clothing.

Specifies the performance requirements and test methods for protective clothing materials and gives design recommendations for the clothing where necessary..

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KS ISO 18890:2018

Clothing-Standard method of garment measurement.

Defines the main measurement points and describes the method used to measure garment dimensions...

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KS 442:1987

Code of practice for drycleaning.

Specifies appropriate cleaning procedures for adoption by drycleaners when using various solvents..

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KS 1258-1:1993

Code of practice for grading of spun yarns - Part 1: Cotton yarns.

Describes methods for grading of cotton yarns by appearance...

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KS 697-1:1990

Code of practice for grading of textile materials - Part 1: Fabrics.

Specifies requirements for grading of textile fabrics..

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KS 1533:1999

Code of practice for inspection and acceptance criteria for used footwear.

Prescribes a Code of practice for the inspection and acceptance criteria for used footwear..

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