Textile and Leather

Textile and Leather

KS 1623-2:2000

Code of practice for the grading of raw hides and skins - Part 2: Caprine and ovine skin.

Specifies the procedures to be used in the grading of raw and preserved trimmed sheep and goat skins..

Kes 2,430.00

KS ISO 7322:2014

Composition cork - Test methods.

Specifies test methods for the determination of the following characteristics of composition cork: - thickness, - apparent density, - tensile strength, - compressibility and recovery, - resistance to boiling water...

Kes 1,977.00

KS ISO 9986: 2014

Composition cork for shoe outsoles.

Specifies requirements for test methods as regards composition cork for the manufacture of outsoles of shoes and boots...

Kes 1,977.00

KS ISO 4714:2000

Composition cork-Specifications, sampling, packaging and marking.

Establishes the minimum requirements for agglomerated composition cork in the sheet form and specifies the requirements for sampling, packaging and marking...

Kes 1,730.00

KS 267-3:1983

Conversion tables and methods of designation of textile yarns - Part 3: Integrated conversion tables for replacing traditional yarn numbers by rounded values in the tex system.

Intended to facilitate the changeover by industry and commerce from traditional yarn numbering system of tex system..

Kes 2,647.00


Core banking-Mobile financial services-Part 2:Security and data protection for mobile financial services.

Describes and specifies a framework for the management of the security of MFS...

Kes 4,944.00

KS EAS 228:2018

Cotton bed sheets-Specification.

Specifies the requirements, sampling and test methods for bed sheets made from cotton fabrics...

Kes 1,977.00

KS 2245:2010

Cotton ear buds - Specification

Specifies minimum requirements for cotton ear buds meant for the hygiene of the ear..

Kes 2,430.00

KS ISO 18068: 2014

Cotton fibres Test method for sugar content Spectrophotometry

specifies a test method to determine the total sugar content in cotton fibres. Spectrophotometry is used as a quantitative determination method, and 3,5-dihydroxytoluene-sulfuric acid solution is used as a colour developer...

Kes 1,977.00

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