Textile and Leather

Textile and Leather

KS 606:1993

Specification for bedsheets made from blended polyester/cellulosic fabric or polyester and cellulosic combination fabric.

Specifies the requirements for bedsheets made from blended polyester/cellulosic fabrics or polyester and cellulosic combination fabric...

Kes 2,307.00

KS 1234:1992

Specification for bedspreads.

Specifies requirements for bedspreads..

Kes 1,977.00

KS 117-2:1995

Specification for blankets - Part 2: 1987 Blankets made from wool.

Specifies requirements of woven blankets made from virgin wool..

Kes 2,307.00

KS 117-6:1990

Specification for blankets - Part 6: Non-Woven blankets.

Specifies the performance requirements of non-woven blankets...

Kes 1,730.00

KS 1949:2005

Specification for brassieres.

Specifies the requirements for brassieres..

Kes 1,977.00

KS 1125-1:1992

Specification for carpet backing fabrics - Part 1: Jute fabrics.

Specifies requirements for woven jute fabrics to be used as carpet backing..

Kes 2,533.00

KS 1232:1992

Specification for cheese dyeing cylindrical tubes.

Specifies the requirements for cheese - dyeing of cylindrical tubes..

Kes 1,977.00

KS 1435:1999

Specification for coated fabrics for shoes.

Specifies the requirements for 2 types of PVC coated fabrics for use as shoe uppers..

Kes 1,730.00

KS 1434:1999

Specification for coated tarpaulin fabric. WITHDRAWN and replaced with KS EAS 1073:2022

Specifies two types of PVC coated fabrics and one type of polyethylene coated fabrics to be used in the making up of Tarpaulins..

Kes 1,730.00

KS 748-1:1988

Specification for coffee drying cloth - Part 1: Sisal cloth.

Specifies constructional details and other technical requirements of coffee drying cloth made from sisal..

Kes 1,730.00

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