Textile and Leather

Textile and Leather

KS ISO 4048:2018

Leather - Chemical tests - Determination of matter soluble in dichloromethane and free fatty acid content

Specifies a method for the determination of the substances in leather which are soluble in dichloromethane...

Kes 2,307.00

KS 638:2018

Absorbent cotton gauze-Specification.

Specifies the requirements for bleached absorbent gauze, for use in surgical dressings and for general medical purposes...

Kes 2,647.00

KS 508:2009

Absorbent cotton wool for medical use - Specification (Third Edition).

Prescribes the requirements for absorbent cotton wool for medical use..

Kes 2,533.00

KS ISO 15621:2017

Absorbent incontinence aids for urine and/or faeces General guidelines on evaluation

Gives guidelines for evaluating absorbent incontinence aids for urine and/or faeces. It provides a context for the procedures described in other International Standards and published testing procedures. General factors relating to incontinence produc..

Kes 2,533.00

KS 496:2018

Acrylic yarn-Specification.

Prescribes the requirements for acrylic yarn to be used for machine weaving, hand weaving, hand knitting and machine knitting. ..

Kes 1,730.00

KS ISO 7772-1:1998

Assessment of industrial laundry machinery by its effect on textile - Part 1: Washing machines.

Specifies methods for the assessment of the effect on textile of washing machines, including batch-washing machines, continous-washing machines and washer-extractors..

Kes 3,090.00

KS EAS 154:2018

Baby napkins-Specification.

Specifies the requirements, sampling and test methods for baby napkins...

Kes 1,977.00

KS 2238:2019

Baby shawls-Specification

Specifies requirements for baby shawls intended for covering and wrapping infants..

Kes 1,730.00

KS 2746-1: 2017

Bags - Specification - Part 1: Suitcase type of travel bags

specifies requirements for suit case type travel bags of different composition and design including fabric material type, dimensions, accessories, performance, packaging and labelling requirements..

Kes 2,647.00

KS 10993-18:2020

Biological evaluation of medical devices Part 18: Chemical characterization of medical device materials within a risk management process

Specifies a framework for the identification, and if necessary, quantification of constituents of a medical device, allowing the identification of biological hazards and the estimation and control of biological risks from material constituents, using..

Kes 5,222.00

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