Civil Engineering

KS 1780-3:2010

Building lime. Part 3: Conformity Evaluation

Specifies the scheme for the evaluation of conformity of building lime to their corresponding product standards KS 1780-1 including declaration of conformity by the manufacturer..

Kes 2,307.00

KS EAS 73:2000

Building limes (quicklime and hydrated lime) - Specification and methods.

Applies to quick and hydrated lime intended for use in buildings..

Kes 2,966.00

KS ISO 6927:2021

Buildings and civil engineering sealants - Vocabulary

Defines technical terms for self-levelling and gun-grade (gunnable) sealants for aboveground exposed structures..

Kes 2,430.00

KS ISO 21723:2019

Buildings and civil engineering works - Modular coordination - Module

Establishes the values of basic module, multimodules for horizontal coordinating dimensions and sub-modular increments for use in modular coordination of buildings. ..

Kes 2,307.00

KS ISO 6707-2:2017

Buildings and civil engineering works - Vocabulary Part 2: Contract and communication terms

Defines terms applicable to contracts and communication in relation to buildings and civil engineering works...

Kes 2,307.00

KS ISO 6707-1: 2014

Buildings and civil engineering works - Vocabulary Part 1: General terms.

Contains the terms and definitions of general concepts to establish a vocabulary applicable to buildings and civil engineering works...

Kes 7,168.00

KS ISO 15686-1:2011

Buildings and constructed assetS - Service life planning-Part 1:General principles and framework

Defines and establisges general principles for service life planning and systematic framework for undertaking service life planning of a planned building or construction work throughout its life cycle...

Kes 2,750.00

KS ISO 15686-6:2004

Buildings and constructed assets- Service life planning Part 6:Procedures for considering environmental impacts

Describes how to assess, at the stage , the potential environmental impacts of alternative designs of a constructed assets...

Kes 2,430.00

KS EAS 54:1999

Burnt building bricks - Specification.

Specifies building bricks of burnt clay, shale or brick earth for use in buildings for decoratives, structural and non-structural purposes..

Kes 2,430.00

KS EAS 18-2:2017

Cement Part 2: Conformity evaluation.

Specifies the scheme for the assessment and verification of constancy of performance (AVCP) of cements to their corresponding product specification standards, including certification of constancy of performance by a product certification body...

Kes 2,750.00

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