Food and Agriculture


KS ISO 6634:1982

Fruits, vegetables and derived products-Determination of arsenic content-Silver diethyldithiocarbamate spectrophotometric method.

Specifies a method for the determination of the arsenic content of fruits, vegetables and derived products...

Kes 1,987.20

KS 2818:2018

Furniture - Office panel systems -Workstations.

Sets out the requirements for the evaluation, design, and selection of office workstations...

Kes 2,442.60

KS 2432:2018

Garam masala-Specification.

Specifies requirements and the methods of sampling and test for garam masala...

Kes 1,987.20

KS 2431:2018

Garlic paste-Specification.

Specifies requirements and the methods of sampling and test for garlic paste...

Kes 1,987.20

KS CAC/GL 24:1997

General guidelines for use of the term HALAL

Apply to the use of the term halal and equivalent terms in claims as defined in the General Standard for the Labelling of Prepackaged Foods and include its use in trade marks, brand names and business names..

Kes 1,490.40

KS CAC/GL 9: 2015

General principles for the addition of essential nutrients to foods.

Applies to all foods to which essential nutrients are added, not including vitamin and mineral food supplements2, without prejudice to the provisions in Codex standards and guidelines for foods for special dietary uses...

Kes 1,738.80

KS 2455:2013

General standard - Food safety

Specifies the general safety requirements for foods intended for human consumption and further processing..

Kes 2,546.10

KS CODEX STAN 192: 2019

General standard for food additives

Sets forth the conditions under which food additives may be used in all foods, whether or not they have previously been standardized by Codex...

Kes 16,166.70

KS COD STAN 106:2003

General standard for irradiated foods

Applies to foods processed by ionizing radiation that is used in conjunction with applicable hygienic codes, food standards and transportation codes. It does not apply to foods exposed to doses imparted by measuring instruments used for inspection pu..

Kes 1,490.40

KS COD STAN 206:1999

General standard for the use of dairy terms

Applies to the use of dairy terms in relation to foods to be offered to the consumer or for further processing..

Kes 1,738.80

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