Textile and Leather

Textile and Leather

KS 1714:2005

Brass eyelets and washers for general purpose - Specification.

Sets out the main classes and types of brass eyelets with their associated washers, for use on tentage and webbing equipment..

Kes 2,750.00

KS ISO 4880:1997

Burning behaviour of textiles and textile products - Vocabulary

Defines terms used in testing the burning behaviour of textiles and textile products..

Kes 2,533.00

KS 1843:2005

Carpet underlays - Specification.

Specifies performance requirements for fibrous, non-fibrous and combined underlays..

Kes 2,307.00

KS ISO 4919:2012

Carpets - Determination of tuft withdrawal force

Specifies a method for determination of tuft withdrawal force and is applicable to all carpets with a cut or loop pile yarn structure..

Kes 1,730.00

KS 779-1:1988

Carpets - Specification- Part 1: Tufted carpets

Specifies requirements for tufted carpets to be used as floor covering..

Kes 1,730.00

KS 779-3:2021

Carpets - Specification - Part 3: Woven carpets

Specifies the requirements for woven carpets to be used as floor coverings..

Kes 1,730.00

KS 779-2:2022

Carpets - Specification Part 2: Sisal carpets

Specifies requirements for sisal carpets woven without pile..

Kes 1,730.00

KS 1465:2005

Children's anoraks - Specification.

Specifies the make-up, design and performance requirements for children's anoraks..

Kes 1,730.00

KS 675:2017

Chromed crust bovine leather - Specification.

Prescribes requirements for chromed crust bovine leather...

Kes 1,730.00

KS 1306:1999

Classification and nomenclature of dyeing, printing, finishing and allied accessories.

Gives classification and a nomenclature for machines and apparatus used in the bleaching, dyeing printing and finishing industries classified as far as possible by the operations for which they are intended..

Kes 2,533.00

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